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We understand that preparing and filing tax returns is a time-consuming and tedious process: filling up long and complicated forms, standing in queues for filing the return, getting refunds processed and incorporating the rules and sections of the dynamic and fast changing income tax act.

To get rid of these problems we offer online tax filing solutions that are simple, smart and time saving.Your return is prepared by experienced tax practitioners, so you get all the rebates and deductions for which you are eligible. Returns are e-filed which saves your time and energy and also leads to faster processing of your refunds.

You don't need to visit our office or take any appointments as everything is done online.

Steps for Filing your Return on finorchid

  1. Create your account, like an account in Gmail or Yahoo
  2. Select the plan that suit your tax needs, we have three plans: Basic, Plus and Premium
  3. Fill data form containing simple basic personal information questions 
  4. Scan and Upload your tax documents like form 16, Bank statements etc
  5. Make Payment through online Bank transfer or Payment gateway
  6. Receive your tax computation and Form ITR-V (acknowledgement receipt of your filed income tax return) in your mail box. You will receive Form ITR-V , as  your digital signature  is not used for online return filing
  7. Sign and send the ITR- V to Income tax Department by ordinary post
  8. Get the acknowledgement form in your mailbox from the Income tax office


Benefits of Filing Return through finorchid

  1. You need to fill only some basic information.
  2. You file your return in just few clicks.
  3. Its so simple as creating an account on Gmail or Yahoo.
  4. Your return is prepared by experienced Chartered Accountants.
  5. E-filing of return will faster your refund procesing.
  6. Saves your time and money.

Raining Peace of Mind... File your Income Tax Return with FinOrchid today!

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